I wrote Unexpected Kindness for two reasons –

  • To say thank you to the people who performed Unexpected Kindness when I was broke, struggling, unknown, and with no evidence I would ever be a success at anything.
  • To encourage you to perform Unexpected Kindness for others, not knowing how you will make a difference in the long term but enjoying the satisfaction of short-term good deeds.
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"Engaging, Enchanting, and Completely Captivating. This book is a sheer delight filled with witty and life altering acts of kindness on every page."
- Dame Nicole Brandon, UN Ambassador of Kindness

"This book is a lantern. Joe not only brings light to many Unexpected Kindnesses he's experienced in his life, but with his stories he offers you kindnesses you don't expect."
- Rob White, author, The Maestro Monologue

“Unexpected Kindness is about much more than kindness. The stories Dr. Vitale shares demonstrate that through openness, curiosity, the willingness to listen, learn and implement expert advice, you can create an abundant and fulfilling life, and lifelong friends. When you look for kindness, you’ll always find it…even if it’s only starts by reviewing the past, giving you another chance to recognize and appreciate people who came into your life. 

He has shown us a great exercise that we all can do, so we too can recognize, appreciate, and re-energize our life through the lens of kindness. A must-read for anyone who desires to reignite their life and work, and create more kindness in this world.”
- Rosie Aiello, CEO and Founder

“Kind hearts are the gardens, kind thoughts are the roots, kind words are the flowers, kind deeds are the fruits. Take care of your garden. And keep out the weeds. 
Fill it with sunshine, kind words, and kind deeds.” 

– Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Expect Miracles!

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